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March 27, 2017

Dear TCR/BNT Family,

Thank you all again for your patience since it was announced our services with TCR will be concluding on Apr 30th (possibly May 6th for the pro shop).  As you know, this has been a time of soul-searching for all of us under the BNT umbrella. 

Please know that no decisions were made without a great deal of discussion and thought.  Throughout this process, my thoughts have been with TCR’s membership, with whom we had a 24-year relationship, along with our BNT students and staff.  

This said, we regret to inform you Sylvie and I am suspending our BNT lessons program, effective 5/1/17.  We will be taking the spring and summer off to re-assess our future.  We are staying in town.  BNT’s pro team is also remaining in town, though having chosen to continue coaching away from TCR.  Will BNT re-establish operations in the future?  Though too early to tell, it is unlikely—at least, not in the form, as we have known it.  We are so very sorry to share this.  

What does this mean going forward?  What I share below is meant to be informational only, and in no way is to be construed to promote one lessons program over another. 

1.    TCR.  TCR has hired a new director of tennis, who will then begin a hiring process for a NEW pro team.   Contact Deanna Kernan for more info:  deannatcr@gmail.com

2.    Midtown Athletic Club.   Zach White, Krystina Barnum, and Sean Kelley are joining their staff. 
Effective start date for Zach is 4/11/17; Krystina’s and Sean’s start date TBD.
Contact Laramie Gavin at Midtown for more info: (Laramie.Gavin@midtown.com).
Each pro can also be reached with his/her first name, followed by bntennis.com.

3.    Ben Klempka (ben@bntennis.com) will be teaching at Nazareth College (Fri/Sat likely).   
4.    Ann Slocomb (ann@bntennis.com) will be teaching outdoors in Pittsford.
5.    Jason Tahir (jason@bntennis.com) will be teaching outdoors in the area.    

Please note Emily Klempka may assist Ben at Nazareth.  Quinn Gleason is on the pro tour for the foreseeable future.  We would also like to thank Christian Erickson and Tavi Miller (both as Jr. Pros). 

Whatever your ultimate decision is, it is our fervent wish that everyone continues to play and enjoy “the sport of a lifetime”.  In the end, we hope we have contributed in some small way to that end.

On behalf of the BNT pro (and pro shop) team, Sylvie, and I wish a heartfelt “thank you” to everyone for the years of support and trust in our abilities to serve you.  We will cherish your friendships and confidence for years to come. 

Our very best wishes always,


Billy and Sylvie Nealon




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